Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I think that fewer people have fewer friends now because now everyone has too many things that they are doing that they don't have time to make friends. People spend more time on their job and less time socializing. And the more work they have the less time people don't have talking to people and get to know them. Fewer friends means that more people are by themselves and can't go to anyone for help. It affects social capital because social capital is about the more people are together the stronger the community, and if people aren't talking to each other then the community is weak. Well I asked my friends how many friends they had and they all had higher than 2 or three. A lot of them were 4 or 5, some even had 11. I guess my community is really good because we all talk to each other.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

suberban sprawl

Well, the sprawl in my hometown is really bad because i live right out side of D.C. The traffic for my city is always horrible. I know that rush our it always at a crawl. I think that one thing that we could do to fix it is to have these suburban areas more smaller than they already are. The picture below shows how many people go to work from the suburban area to the city. if the suburban areas were smaller, the sprawl will be lower.

a week with out media

with out the media I did feel a little left out of touch with the rest of the world and current news. But It wasn't like i needed to know. A lot of the time I totally forgot that i hadn't read the news paper or watching thew news. But when i do read the news paper i did feel more connected to the world around me. Then when i didn't read, I was wondering when did that happen? I know that I rather keep on reading the newspaper and staying with the times and keeping up the news.

31 hours

Going 31 hours was interesting. it wasn't hard to do, but i did feel disconnected from people. I know that my parents needed to talk to me and i couldn't and they thought i was just ignoring them. my friends kept texting me and wondering why i wasn't answering them. I think the phone does bring people together somewhat. I have friends all over the world and i do like to talk to them and the phone is an easy way to. it is such an easy way to keep in touch with each other. this is my lonely phone..