Sunday, October 18, 2009

31 hours

Going 31 hours was interesting. it wasn't hard to do, but i did feel disconnected from people. I know that my parents needed to talk to me and i couldn't and they thought i was just ignoring them. my friends kept texting me and wondering why i wasn't answering them. I think the phone does bring people together somewhat. I have friends all over the world and i do like to talk to them and the phone is an easy way to. it is such an easy way to keep in touch with each other. this is my lonely phone..


  1. I certainly think you made your conclusions extreamly easy to understand which made your blog quick to read but in the end I really didnt feel like It made an impression because you didn't really expand on anything past your own belief; but you followed the directions and accomplished each lab so for that good job but just in my opinion you could have made it a bit longer.

  2. Good points- but where is the part where you missed your friends grandma dying? you were talking about it in class and i think it would of been good to add it.
    -Meredith Woodson

  3. Like this lab! I can definitely understand the feeling of not being able to communicate with people...... mainly because I'm always to lazy to recharge my phone :)