Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I think that fewer people have fewer friends now because now everyone has too many things that they are doing that they don't have time to make friends. People spend more time on their job and less time socializing. And the more work they have the less time people don't have talking to people and get to know them. Fewer friends means that more people are by themselves and can't go to anyone for help. It affects social capital because social capital is about the more people are together the stronger the community, and if people aren't talking to each other then the community is weak. Well I asked my friends how many friends they had and they all had higher than 2 or three. A lot of them were 4 or 5, some even had 11. I guess my community is really good because we all talk to each other.


  1. I like it, but your argument needs more factual supoort. I agree with what you are saying though...

  2. i really liked your prifile and how you described your topic, but your grammar isn't that great.
    -shannon barron