Sunday, October 18, 2009

a week with out media

with out the media I did feel a little left out of touch with the rest of the world and current news. But It wasn't like i needed to know. A lot of the time I totally forgot that i hadn't read the news paper or watching thew news. But when i do read the news paper i did feel more connected to the world around me. Then when i didn't read, I was wondering when did that happen? I know that I rather keep on reading the newspaper and staying with the times and keeping up the news.


  1. The Evan,

    You made really good points in your blog and I can definitely relate to you. The only thing you need to be careful of is your puncuation and grammar.

    Good Job The Evan!

    CJ Burroughs :)

  2. You did state some good points about the connections media gives us, though I do agree with CJ,watch the spelling.
    overall a good analasys of media's impact on our grasp of current events.

  3. Good point! I can't believe you read the newspaper everyday! I wish i could do that.
    -Meredith Woodson

  4. it's pretty amazing to go for a whole week without the media. I would have liked for you to have written a bit more about how it felt, how it changed your week, what it makes you think about technology. This was a pretty challenging undertaking, but you wrote every little about it. In fact, your entire blog is very short on analysis and has no pictures. You are a smart person and I'd like your blog to reflect that.